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Beato Creative Hub – Military Maintenance Workshops

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Nestled between the industrial scale of the nearby port installations and the working class housing of the eastern part of Lisbon, the Beato Creative Hub is a proposal for the regeneration of the human and urban fabric of the city through the revitalisation of its industrial assets. Lisbon City Council has used the new hubs created by the former Expo ’98 site and the new bridge to strategically support the natural regeneration of the Beato and Marvila districts. Established in 1987, the Military Maintenance Workshops emerged in the city’s east as a large-scale industrial project promoted by the Portuguese armed forces with the aim of feeding the troops. A number of food production factories (grain mills, a bakery, a biscuit factory, a pasta factory and a coffee roasting and grinding facility, amongst others) were built and maintained for more than 100 years, with the production complex extending to some 30,000 square metres. The last factory closed in 2011 but all the machinery remains in an excellent state of conservation. Twenty buildings today await intervention, which one hopes will take place soon. In 2016 Lisbon City Council extended an invitation to Startup Lisboa to create a new project on this site: the Beato Creative Hub.

Rua da Manutenção 118
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