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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Fernando Guerra, Courtesy of
© Fernando Guerra, courtesy EDP

MAAT Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

  • Original Authors:
  • Amanda Levete Architects
  • (2016)

In the space of less than two years, this museum has dramatically changed the Lisbon riverfront. In a once industrial zone, art has now transformed the landscape and connects the direct riverside walk and the Central Tejo building. The MAAT building seems to lift off the ground, revealing a public green space designed by the landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic and housing four separate exhibition spaces – the Oval Gallery, Main Gallery, Video Room and Project Room – on a total of 3,000 square metres. The diversity of its programming and spaces have rapidly made the MAAT a firm fixture in the city’s cultural guide – and a walkable roof viewpoint from which to take in the impressive views of the river and both its banks.

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