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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Pedro Sadio
© Pedro Sadio
© José Frade

The White Pavilion

  • Original Authors:
  • Daniela Ermano
  • (1994)

This building is part of the group of the Municipal Galleries, playing a central role in the municipality’s strategy for contemporary art. Located in the garden of the Museum of Lisbon, the space possesses unique architectonic qualities that allow it to host exhibitions of diverse nature. The building’s architectonic characteristics are inviting to the development of site-specific art exhibitions, hosting a limited number of exhibitions per year, allowing for longer production and display periods, in order that some of the projects can be fostered while being aware of the spatial context they are to be exhibited in. The pavilion is a silent place, where exterior and interior come together, inviting to the discovery of important artists. The gallery’s programming has focused on artists with a noteworthy background, who find in this space the dimensions and qualities needed to present a new project with considerable audience reach.

Palácio Pimenta, Campo Grande, 245
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