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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

This Open House was a success

Full house with 29,000 visits

2023 was a blast

Blessed, Time Matters, the 12th Open House Lisboa (13 and 14 of May), invited everyone to explore the many lives of buildings with great success. 28,929 entries were registered in the 73 selected spaces, in a programme that included five outdoor walks, one of them being an audio tour which is still available here. Once again, it was marked by the dedication and generosity of many people who were involved in this demanding lightning-fast operation.

We share this success with this extensive talented group crucial to this magic. Our deep appreciation goes to the tireless support and involvement of all partners and owners who generously and graciously welcome us, to the 92 incredible experts who contribute to the quality and excellence of this weekend, and to the more than 240 brave volunteers, undoubtedly the best guardians guiding and advising our audience. And of course, we also want to thank those who visit us.

The program had several highlights, offering unique opportunities such as visiting spaces under construction like CAM and the extension of the Gulbenkian gardens, as well as being accompanied by many blind and visually impaired people, which filled our hearts.

We have compiled a selection of the best moments showcasing the celebratory atmosphere, captured by a dedicated quartet of photographers, and take a look at the video.

“Open House has been, since 2012, the vehicle for promoting open cities in Portugal, allowing residents to step out and observe in detail the many buildings they pass by every day through the perspective of those who designed them, and how these buildings contribute to the city as a whole.” Alexandra Paio, in Jornal Económico.

On the 11 and 12 of May 2024, we return with a new program of visits and tours.

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