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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Hybrid Designs for Transitional Spaces

Olaias © Ana Guedes

Next edition: 11 and 12 May

We return with Springtime, on the weekend of 11 and 12 May, with a programme designed by the pair of sociologist Sandra Marques Pereira and architect Alexandre Marques Pereira.

Change is intrinsic to cities. Seemingly disparate forms, materials, methods, functions and experiences blend together over time. There is no such thing as a static city. Change can, and does, take place in the transitional spaces, which end up being neither the before, nor the after. They are not exclusively or precisely one thing or the other – they are in between.

As a rule, they are imperceptible and adapt to the given needs of the day: from the housing built in spaces that were originally built for other purposes to the monasteries, convents and palaces that served many uses down through history, and to the urban territories that still have vestiges of a rural past. In Lisbon, there are still many transitional spaces with varying degrees of longevity  on different scales.

To be where there was nothing, to come into being, to be once again, to be no longer. To look at hybridity, which reconciles what may be contradictory, is to understand the complexity that is implicit in transforming the city, whether it happens through rupture, continuity or something in between.

The programme offers free visits and walks around the city alongside those who study, design and build Lisbon, including in English for an increasingly cosmopolitan audience. Geared towards accessibility, tactile sensory tours for blind and partially sighted people and in Portuguese Sign Language are back. The first 50 years of Democracy in Portugal also have a place in this celebration of all that changes and remains in Lisbon.

This initiative, in partnership with EGEAC and Lisbon City Council, is part of the Open House Worldwide network, with almost 60 cities, and integrates an European consortium, which offers volunteers an exchange programme. Join the fun: we’re always open to suggestions for spaces, the call for volunteers opens at the beginning of the year and, of course, we have a date on 11 and 12 May!

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