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LINA: 2022-23 Programme

28 JUL 2022 - 12 SEP 2022
Funded by the Creative Europe programme


Deadline for submission of applications - September 12, 20222022-07-28


Deadline for submission of applications - September 12, 20222022-07-28


LINA, the European architecture platform, invites emerging professionals to participate in an open call for projects that answer our growing environmental challenges and promote sustainable development in architecture.

Learning, Interacting and Networking are LINA’s main focus points for rethinking our living space and everyday experience to overcome our global threats of environmental crisis, and help make the European Green Deal a reality. 

LINA’s goal is to help rally the architectural sector towards clean, and circular practices. The primary mission of this programme is to involve new actors at the beginning of their careers with innovative and forward-looking projects with a great potential for implementation.

It’s your turn to join this alliance and to actively participate in the research, experimentation, publication, or other activities developed together with the members of LINA.

What is LINA

LINA introduces itself as an ecosystem of European and Mediterranean cultural agents, young practitioners and thinkers in architecture. The platform cooperates with architectural museums, universities, research networks, foundations, triennali, biennials and other architectural organisations from 23 countries, among them the Lisbon Architecture Triennale

The platform is coordinated by the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and co-funded by the Creative Europe initiative of the European Union. 

Over the next three years, LINA will host regular events around responsible architecture and design projects and will encourage emerging professionals to contribute to sustainable progress. 


For this year’s call, LINA looks for projects tackling sustainable and environmental challenges with architecture, with a clear focus on potential implementation and innovative practices.  

Send your ideas to LINA. Make your projects heard within the international community. Bring together the efforts towards a circular built environment, alongside established curators, researchers, producers, communicators, educators and editors. 

All applications will be published on the LINA Platform website and will be evaluated by the members of the LINA General Assembly. 

Selected applicants will be invited in October 2022 to Ljubljana to present their projects at the LINA Conference. There, the authors will have an opportunity to match up with LINA members and to be invited to assist in the Architecture Programme 2022-23, hosted by LINA members across Europe.

For the participants invited, the platform will cover all travel and accommodation costs within Europe. For those invited to participate in platform members’ events, honoraria will also be provided.


The call is open to architects, landscape architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, artists, curators and other transdisciplinary practitioners and researchers dealing with spatial, territorial, climate and socio-political challenges. As eligible, the LINA platform considers emerging professionals who respond to the following criteria:

  • The applicant has created in the last 2 years independent work(s) related to architecture or city development, outside an undergrad or postgrad course/academic institution;
  • The applicant must not yet have presented internationally or published their independent work(s);
  • The applicant must not yet have attained recognition by having a body of critically recognised work at major and established institutions or publishers; 
  • The applicant may be an individual or a collective;
  • Applications must come from the EU member states or the countries participating in the Creative Europe Programme.

Only one application per person is permitted, as an individual project or within a collective work.


Publication of the Call for Projects: 28 July 2022
Deadline for submitting applications: 12 September 2022
LINA Conference: 21 - 22 October 2022
LINA Architecture Programme: 23 October 2022 - 31 May 2023


To participate and submit proposals, check the organiser’s website

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