Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

OH Lisboa: Call for Volunteers

27 MAY 2021 - 29 AUG 2021
Free Admission
Curators: Baldios


New Deadline for registration: September 12, 20212021-08-30
Open House Lisboa will take place on September 25 and 26, 2021.2021-05-18


New Deadline for registration: September 12, 20212021-08-30
Open House Lisboa will take place on September 25 and 26, 2021.2021-05-18


Open House is a great annual event with the aim of presenting the city architecture to anyone who wants to know, experience and explore it. For its 10th edition, scheduled for the weekend of 25-26 September 2021, Open House Lisboa now comprises both banks of the Tagus River and extends its territory to Almada.

Baldios is the landscape architecture collective selected to curate this edition, which is guided by the water lines in both urban areas. Under the title The Ways of Water, the proposal highlights the role of the Tagus River and its potential for extending the city. Let’s follow the Water!

To organise the Open House Lisboa, the Triennale has a large family of volunteers. This participation of civil society is critical for the enjoyment of this event by visitors. For the tenth consecutive year, we are looking for people with team spirit and an interest in architecture, urbanism and the history of the city, to join us in a remarkable weekend of discovery. Those who are already part of this family have left us testimonies such as this:

‘Art is shaped over time and you need to know how to value all types of art, understand it and enjoy it. OH Lisboa allows all this in a much closer, unique and personal way. It is an opportunity for you to put yourself in the shoes of designers, architects, painters, etc.’ João Durães, Construir, September 13, 2018

OH Lisboa’s first edition was held in 2012 and it is part of the Open House Worldwide family, which currently brings together almost 50 cities on all continents. Open House is a concept originally created in London in 1992 by Victoria Thornton.

2. How it Works

The premise of Open House is to reveal spaces usually closed to the public, through free guided tours involving authors or specialists from different areas.

OH Lisboa 2021 will reveal an itinerary of tours to spaces that punctuate the Ways of Water, and a set of urban walks and sound walks around the city.

For the best enjoyment of the public, the volunteer team is essential to guide the visitor on the itinerary, indicate the routes they can take independently and provide information.

The programme also offers Junior activities for families, accessibility-adapted visits, and a set of parallel events hosted in the Plus programme.

The weekend is divided into shifts lasting 4h to 4h30m (approximately), in which the volunteers are distributed in groups of two to four along the various spaces and urban walks.

The territory covered by the itinerary is divided into geographical areas distributed by teams of volunteers, each one responsible for about ten spaces and two urban walks.

Each group is coordinated by a Team Leader who is the liaison between volunteers and the Triennale team, with the help of a Tutor who facilitates the training of volunteers and Logistics Support.


Anyone interested can become a volunteer, with no need to be connected to architecture, urbanism or design. Being curious and willing to share architectural culture are the qualities we most cherish!

  • Over 16-year-olds
  • Portuguese speakers
  • Attentive, friendly, cooperative, patient, communicative and punctual
  • Taste for teamwork
  • Curious to discover and show architecture
  • Minimum commitment: one 4h-to-4h30m shift during the weekend
  • Available for an online interview (only for new volunteers)
  • Available to take part in preparatory visits
  • Available for training session online (approximately 1h30)
  • Committed to the project to participate and disseminate it

4. Tasks to Perform

According to each person’s experience and skills, there is space and different tasks for those who want to take part.

Welcome, reception, information to the public, and visitor management

Guidance on procedures for visiting spaces and/or going through the routes

Guided tours to venues and support to specialists

Monitoring and guidance on the accessibility, family and Plus programmes

Logistical support during the weekend and/or preparing for the event on the days before and after

NB: In the event of the need to make changes to the programme due to the evolution of the pandemic and authorities' regulations, the functions to be performed may be revised.

5. Advantages of Participating

This is an experience in which hundreds of people, who have already joined the Open House family, have participated. With each edition, a sense of community and belonging grows beyond the weekend.

Participation in an international event on architecture and the city

General and specific training by means of a training class, exclusive preparatory pre-visit and provision of study material

Enjoying privileged knowledge

Invitation to the closing party to thank the team of volunteers (**)

Snacks on the days of the event


Certificate of participation mentioning the tasks performed

Personal accident insurance policy under the terms of the legislation

Support in complying with the protection standards recommended by the Directorate-General of Health (DGS) for the pandemic period

(**) The format of this celebration moment will be subject to the rules of the DGS in force at the date of OH Lisboa 2021.


  • Interviews with new volunteers: between June and August 2021
  • Closing of registration: Sunday, September 12, 2021 (NEW DEADLINE)
  • Assignment of team, function and shifts: end of August 2021
  • Sharing of study material and preparatory pre-visits to spaces and urban walks: beginning of September 2021
  • Training class: on a day to be defined during the week before the event, after work hours
  • Event weekend: September 25 and 26, 2021


You can register by filling in this form (available in Portuguese only).

8. Questions

Questions about this call should be sent to