Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

OH Lisboa 2024: Call for Volunteers

11 MAY 2024 - 12 MAY 2024
Various locations
Free admission
13th edition


Deadline for applications: 20th April2024-01-23


Deadline for applications: 20th April2024-01-23

1. About

Every year, Open House Lisboa presents the city's architecture from a new perspective. Spaces usually closed to the public are opened through free visits and walks with authors or specialists from many fields.

The 13th edition opens dozens of spaces in Lisbon during the weekend of 11 and 12 May 2024. The programme, commissioned by sociologist Sandra Marques Pereira and architect Alexandre Marques Pereira, highlights how change is an essential characteristic of cities. Exploring continuities and ruptures, we discover the transitions that endure in buildings, public spaces and neighbourhoods.

Find out what to expect this year!

During the event, the Triennale relies on a large team to inform, guide, and give suggestions to visitors, or accompany activities with children. This is crucial to the experience of the public joining a lively weekend of discovery and celebration. We are looking for people with team spirit and who enjoy architecture, urban planning and the city’s history.

2. Elegibility

The team mixes many generations and expertises. You just need to be curious and willing to share culture!

We are looking for people:

  • Over 16 years old
  • Friendly and keen to communication
  • Punctual

2. How does it work?

Each day has three shifts (morning, afternoon and evening) of four and a half hours to choose from. The team is distributed in groups of two to four. To make sure there is always support on the ground, each group has a Team Leader who liaises between the volunteers and the Triennale, a Tutor who provides training, and a Logistical Support who stays on top of things. For the Junior/Accessible programme, there is a specific team involved in preparing the activities.

What does the Triennale offer?

  • Thank you party for the volunteer team
  • Snacks each day
  • T-shirt and tote bag
  • Subsistence allowance (€3.50 voucher for each shift)
  • Personal accident insurance policy, in accordance with the law
  • Certificate of participation stating the duties performed

With each Open House, a sense of community and belonging grows and lasts. See the warm testimonies of those who have already experienced it. It's an opportunity to create and deepen friendships, gain experience and meet and learn from national architectural figures. Participants can also apply for a volunteer exchange programme between 12 European cities. Cultural volunteering features prominently on the CV!

Participating consists of:

  • An interview (only if it is the first time)
  • Going on preparatory visits – teams are invited to all pre-visits in the geographical area they are assigned with, discovering more spaces first-hand
  • Learn about study materials and guides
  • Attend the 90-minute training class to receive the volunteer kit
  • Do at least one 4h30 shift (approximately)

3. The different roles to choose from

  • Welcome, reception, public information and visitor management
  • Guided tours and expert support
  • Dedicated support for the Junior and Accessible programme
  • Logistical support throughout the weekend and in the days before and after the event

5. Dates

  • Interviews: between February and April
  • Deadline for registration: 20 April
  • Preparatory visits: 20 April – 5 May
  • Training class: 8 May, 18h
  • Open House Lisboa weekend: 11 and 12 May

6. Form

To apply, simply fill out this form

8. Questions or doubts?
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