Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
13 OCT 2021
CCB Small Auditorium
Curators: Diana Menino, Felipe Di Ferrari
Lisbon Architecture Triennale, CCB - Garagem Sul
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Tickets: 7€

Tickets with Discount (for students, unemployed, patrons of Lisbon Triennale & CCB): 5€

AgwA, Chapex ©Filip Du Jardin


Common Field

On Building

The second event in 2021 is focused on building -both its material definition and representation- as a fundamental stage of a learning process towards architecture understood as a common field of knowledge. Our guests are the Brussels-based practice AgwA and the Toulouse based practice BAST -Bureau Architectures Sans Titre-, which will build a shared presentation introducing sites, procedures, worker choreographies and their specific attitude on the built world, through a series of renovations of different scale and character in Belgium and France.

In English, this conference combines a presentation from both guests and a conversation moderated by the curators of Common Field - Diana Menino and Felipe De Ferrari. We invite those who attend to participate and ask questions.


AgwA is a Brussels based architecture office founded by Harold Fallon (ir architect, PhD, assist. prof. KULeuven) Benoît Vandenbulcke (ir architect, PhD, assist. prof. ULiège) and Benoît Burquel (ir architect, assist. ULB). Their practice explores which design strategies allow to address structure and architecture as two equally important aspects of one unique ambition in each project. In 2019 they published ‘Chantier / Construction Site’.

BAST (Bureau Architectures Sans Titre) 
BAST was founded in Toulouse in 2013 with the ambition to develop a practice ‘where the individuality of each partner is discarded in order to profit of the collective work’s expression’. Today is a cooperative and participative society (SCOP) with three partners: Laurent Didier, Mathieu Le Ny et Louis Léger.

Their collective and non-formalist approach has been recognised through several prizes including the Prix Architecture Occitanie for the M15 house in Toulouse (2017), Albums des jeunes architectes et paysagistes (AJAP, 2018) and EU Mies Award Emerging Architect prize for the school refectory in Montbrun-Bocage (2019.) The same year they were finalists of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale Debut Award.