Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
16 MAR 2022
CCB Small Auditorium
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Curators: Diana Menino and Felipe Di Ferrari
Lisbon Architecture Triennale and CCB / Garagem Sul
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Grand Paris Square, TVK © Julien Lelievre

TVK + Raumlaborberlin

Campo Comum

On Collective Space

The first event of the year looks at the production of collective space, understood as a fundamental asset in our built environments. In this session, we see collective space as the fruitful relationship between public infrastructure and engaged citizens and communities. On the one hand, an open plane — architecture of the ground — built to last, on the other, specific actions and diverse rituals that shape to our everyday life. Our guests are Pierre Alain Trévelo, co-founder of the Paris-based practice TVK, and Markus Bader, co-founder of Berlin-based practice Raumlaborberlin. Both guests will introduce their specific approach concerning public space, urban voids, the collective and, of course, time: from resistant urban squares to floating learning spaces.


TVK (FR) is an international office of architecture and urban design, founded by Pierre Alain Trévelo and Antoine Viger-Kohler in Paris in 2003. Trained in Paris and at Harvard, involved in teaching from the outset, they pursue an approach where theory and practice mutually respond to and enrich each other. Through projects, research and writing they have steadily produced a singular œuvre, at once theoretical and built. Their aim is to capture the complexity and the paradoxical character of the contemporary earthly situation, in order to contribute to making it habitable.

Raumlabor Berlin (DE) is a German collective of nine architects who have come together in a collaborative work-structure. They work at the intersection of architecture, city planning, art and urban intervention, addressing both city and urban renewal as a process. They are attracted to difficult urban locations, places that are abandoned or in transition. Raumlabor Berlin’s approach is defined by a dynamic urbanism, combining research, community engagement and radical forms of practice to create new ways of making public space. In 2021, they were awarded with the Golden Lion at 17th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

About Common Field

This lecture series takes architecture as a strategic attitude to space and resources. By adopting a critical and optimistic attitude, it can take on reality in radical ways, unveiling contradictions and potential, and developing projects that enable emancipatory ideas, thus building a common field. Such an approach can be conceived as a cumulative process of constant appropriation, imitation, repetition, translation, and re-contextualisation with open-minded thinking - embracing pragmatism and humour - based on the careful review of material reality and social conditions. Exploring these threads will lead us towards a collective form of construction.
Curated by Diana Menino and Felipe De Ferrari.