Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
05 MAY 2016
CCB, Main Auditorium
Christian Kerez, João Belo Rodeia

Highrise in Zhengzhou 2, Zhenzhou CBD, China, 2012–2013 © Milan Rohrer

Christian Kerez

Critical Distance

This conference by Christian Kerez closes the second edition of the cycle Critical Distance, co-produced by the Lisbon Architecture Triennale together with the Centro Cultural de Belém. Christian Kerez founded his studio in Zurich in 1993 and since then has made several highly regarded works, like the enigmatic “House with one wall”. Taking as examples several of his own projects, the Swiss architect came to Lisbon to present his method that has as basis the constant research on the principles of architecture. For Kerez, there is no formal guiding principle nor aesthetic preconceived ideas during the design process; on the contrary, the presentation will focus on the intensification and radicalization of the diversity and specificity of each project. Staying away from common solutions, each project attempts to redefine the core of the design process and tries to question, on a fundamental level, the discipline of architecture. 

Christian Kerez (Maracaibo, 1962)

Studied at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. After extensive published work in the field of architectural photography, he opened his own architectural office in Zurich, Switzerland in 1993. Christian Kerez has been appointed as a visiting professor in design and architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich since 2001, as assistant professor since 2003 and as full professor for design and architecture since 2009. In 2012-13 he led the Kenzo Tange Chair at Harvard University, Cambridge. He is currently working on different programs in various scales in France, the Czech Republic, Brazil and China. This year, Kerez is the author of the Swiss Official Representation for the 15th edition of Venice Architecture Biennale that will take place from May to November 2016.

João Belo Rodeia (Leiria, 1961)

Architect, former President of the Order of Architects of Portugal (between 2008 and 2013) and member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2012 edition. He has also been President of the International Council of Portuguese-Language Architects and of the Portuguese Institute of Architectural Heritage (2003-2005). He teaches at the University of Évora and at the Lusíada University in Lisbon. Besides lecturing in many countries and regularly publishing articles in the Portuguese press, he has written several books and curated exhibitions. Rodeia is a member of the Expert Committee of the European Prize for Urban Public Space since the 2012 edition.