Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
11 NOV 2015
CCB - Main Auditorium
Diogo Burnay, Jacob van Rijs

Markthal Rotterdam © Daria Scagliola

Jacob van Rijs – MVRDV

Critical Distance

The MVRDV conference represented the third moment of the Critical Distance second series that began in January 2015. Ever since the beginnings of MVRDV more than 20 years ago, the practice has combined a conceptual theoretical approach, from Pig City to Grand Paris, with a focus on realizing these ideas or prototypes resulting in the recently completed Market Hall in Rotterdam, Villa VPRO, WOZOCO, the Book Mountain and the Mirador Madrid. But how do these buildings perform now that they are occupied? What is the philosophy, logic and design thinking behind the office’s visually powerful concepts? And what is life actually like inside a blue house, on an orange tribune, in a vertical shopping street, in housing silos and inside a mountain of books? This lecture discussed these and other questions, orbiting around MVRDV latest book, ‘MVRDV Buildings’.

Jacob van Rijs (Amsterdam, 1964)  

Architect, urban planner and one of the co-founding directors of the globally operating architecture and urban planning firm MVRDV, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, known for projects such as the Expo 2000 Netherlands Pavilion, the Villa VPRO television studios in Hilversum, and the recent Market Hall in Rotterdam. In parallel to his work in practice, Jacob van Rijs regularly lectures, takes part in international juries and teaches at universities and institutes worldwide, currently at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. In his lecture, Jacob van Rijs will give an overview of current works of MVRDV’s international portfolio which include the recently completed Market Hall in Rotterdam, the Danish Rock Museum in Roskilde and the new cultural cluster for Zaanstad, Netherlands, among others.  

Diogo Burnay

Associate professor and the Director of the School of Architecture at Dalhousie University in Halifax. He is a founding partner with Cristina Veríssimo of CVDB Arquitectos, an award-winning architecture practice in Lisbon, Portugal, and lives and works in both Halifax and Lisbon. Diogo has taught at Hong Kong University, Faculdade de Arquitectura University of Lisbon, University of Minnesota and University of Texas-Arlington, and is a visiting critic at schools of architecture worldwide.