Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
21 JUL 2012
Palácio Sinel de Cordes
Lev Bratishenko, Frederico Duarte, Becky Quintal and participants

Workshop Critical: Lisbon

Critical Distance

“Critical: Lisbon. Speak to the City, Speak with the City” was a weeklong workshop (July 16 to 21 2012) dedicated to expression, discussion, writing and critical publishing about architecture. Conceived as a speculative editorial project, this workshop faced the notion that the architect and the public operate in ideological opposite universes in their search and common desires to improve the city.

Coordinated by Lev Bratishenko, Frederico Duarte, and Becky Quintal, this workshop took the city of Lisbon as basis and inspiration, and explored the challenges and impediments that architecture critics face, but also the strategies, tactics and tools that they use to overcome them.

In the workshop several mediums and messages available to critics today were analysed: essays, videos, op-eds, photographs, interviews with architects and other key agents of the city to descriptive reviews of buildings or current controversy about public space. This workshop was destined to students and young professionals interested in design, architecture and urban issues.

A presentation to the public of the results was held on July 21st 2012, from 10pm, at Sinel de Cordes Palace, headquarters of the Triennale.