Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
30 OCT 2015 - 13 NOV 2015
10:00am - 6:00pm
Sinel de Cordes Palace, Campo de Santa Clara, 145, 1100-474 Lisboa
Free Admission

Agora Irrepetível

FBAUL Exhibition

Agora, irrepetível. A juventude, o design e a sua prática (Now, unrepeatable. Youth, design and its practice) entitles this showcase that brings together a set of events around the production of the 2014-15 finalists in Fine Arts Communication Design at the University of Lisbon.

What are the values ​​transmitted by design teaching and how can these be assumed as contributions to the situation we live in? What teaching do we want? What happens in times of austerity, when the license to practice a profession is no longer the expected result of the degree? How do young people read your gift? What future do they aspire to? What changes do they require? How do they position themselves against the historical ideas of youth? How do you prepare for action, for the inevitable transformation of your time?

Hosted by the Sinel de Cordes Palace, this second exhibition integrates the multiple dimensions of project activity in design, based on the results of the Audiovisual and Multimedia disciplines, Editorial Design, Webdesign.

Despite being scattered over a wide variety of disciplines and statements, the projects on display are aligned with an idea of ​​youth on the move, contextualizing the practice of design with the particular time of this generation. If in the first exhibition at the gallery of fine arts Univerity in Lisbon there was a particular focus on political, social and generational reflection, in this show it is evident how, in fact, young people - these young people - think, work and project in the most varied types .