Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
26 FEB 2016
Palácio Sinel de Cordes
Associação Osso

Continuum, Antez ©DR


Performance by Antez

On 23 February, the performance of Antez, Continuum is performed at Sinel de Cordes Palace. An acoustic experience in development since 2008, whose starting point is the stimulation of the resonant structure of the architectural spaces where it is presented. In a continuous movement that he himself calls "circumambulation", Antez produces a sequence of acoustic drones generated by the friction on the skin of a large drum, of various objects found, meticulously arranged around it. Using exclusively acoustic procedures and generated by the movements of the artist's body, the sound produced is often compared to synthesized and electroacoustic sources. A concert that has been presented in several cities.

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About Antez

Antez is a french musician and sound artist, who proposes an exploration of percussion that goes through the interior of sound. The artist gained projection in the areas of improvisation that do not conform to the installed models of "improvised music", a label that tends to define an end and not a means.