Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
29 APR 2015
Palácio Sinel de Cordes
Free Admission
Adriano Correia, Alice Oliveira, André Jesus, Bárbara Correia, Catarina Mateus, Diogo Ferreira, João Gama, João Venâncio, Manuel Caldeira, Martim Quaresma, Orkhan Abbasov, Pedro Mendes, Vitor Velez

Poster ©Angular

Dark side of the Room

Exhibition & Round Table

The new residents of Triennale’s Creative Cluster, the collective Angular, opened an exhibition in the noble hall on 29 April 2015. Dark Side of The Room is an exhibition that invites for a journey in the dark, where the public explores the pieces with lanterns and seeks a unification of this ensemble. The objects shown resulted from a workshop that aims for the conception of diverse projects that highlight temporality, the influence of framing and the social and political role of the artistic object.

The event is a response to the need to put aside certainties and rediscover the world, through the exploration of the dark side, the place where critical spirit lives, hidden and waiting for any opportunity to rise up and say their reason. Dark Side of The Room justified itself as a whole and not as a sum of parts. The explored themes were based on the relationship of the work of art with space, its appropriation and interpretation, and the relationship of the work of art (and architecture) with time. 

The headquarters of Triennale became the stage for a meeting where the observer was an active participant in the work and in the diversity of approaches to the same theme according to different artistic genres. It culminated in a debate, led by the architect Gabriela Raposo, where an interpretative analysis of the different exhibition experiences was made, debating questions raised by the works and issues of the current paradigm of art and artistic teaching.