Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
29 APR 2023 - 30 APR 2023
Palácio Sinel de Cordes
Freo Majer, Manuel Henriques, Inês Revés
LINA — Learning, Interacting and Networking in Architecture

Funded by the Creative Europe programme

PADA Associação Cultural © PADA Studio

Takeover Fest

Blueprints for Agency

The Lisbon Triennale invited Forecast Berlin to take over the Sinel de Cordes Palace for one weekend, to discover and promote audacious initiatives developing sustainable strategies for better coexistence. Through an open call, Forecast has selected eight initiatives in the field of arts, design and architecture. The Lisbon Triennale is one of the participating initiatives, sitting at the table with the other eight selected projects. With free admission, Takeover Fest is a public programme that is part of the European platform LINA, funded by Creative Europe.

Saturday, 29 April

10:00—10:30 Welcome by Forecast and Trienal de Lisboa
10:30—13:00 Presentations of the eight initiatives
13:00—15:00 Lunch by Food from the Block**
15:00—18:00 Plenary discussion

Sunday, April 30

10:00—10:00 Garden Revolution / Courtyard workshop
10:00—13:30 Forecast Condensed: mentoring session just for the selected projects
13:30—15:00 Lunch by Food from the Block**
15:00—16:00 Book Launch of Driving the Human: Seven Prototypes for Eco-social Renewal, a three-year initiative started by Forecast that concludes this year with a book launch, and a sneak preview of the follow-up initiative Grounding the Human. Followed by a talk between Freo Majer (founder and artistic director of Forecast) and Manuel Henriques (executive director of the Lisbon Triennale).
19:00—10:00 Dinner by Food from the Block** & party

**Meals have a cost that reverts to the project.



Ephemeral and micro-scale architecture studio engaged in self-construction training and the reinterpretation of natural materials. This minimal vernacular architecture in wood, earth, hay and seeds is a place of introspection that dialogues by antagonism with its surroundings.

Atelier MURO

Its circular architecture reuses waste building materials for a tactical sustainability. They activate spaces in a bottom-up, informal, inclusive and organic approach to reclaim communal connections and access to unoccupied spaces.

Connecting Lisbon

This project is dedicated to shortening distances and facilitating mobility for those on foot. Based on research into the '15 minute city', it creates paths and pedestrian walkways and encourages tourist-architectural interest in exploring the interior and rear of city blocks.

Cresc(h)e na Rua!

Challenging civil society to 'rebuild’ childhood in neighbourhoods very deprived of outdoor spaces, they promote a greener, more prosperous and socially just city. This participatory project by Bicicultura cooperative cultivates mobility, urbanism, education, environment and economy.

Krv Kurva Innovation Design Social & Circular Local Labs

Fashion design studio that implements circular models in its conceptually strong and visually inspiring creations. It combines the reuse of textile, plastics and derivatives materials with the training and empowerment of vulnerable groups, such as the women over 50 in Marvila Community of AGIR XXI.


Platform developed by the materialateral cooperative that promotes access to marginalised or leftover materials that can be reused. On the one hand, it finds and supplies materials and, on the other hand, it acts as consultancy and management in product and interior design, from conception to on-site assembly.

PADA Studios

Creative hub dedicated to projects by Portuguese and international, emerging and established artists. Located in the bay of Barreiro on the south bank of Lisbon, it focuses on exploring and regenerating an industrial territory full of warehouses that belonged to the CUF textile industry.

Sê Bairrista

Collective that requalifies the public space of Bairro dos Alfinetes (Marvila) with the local community. Since 2020, more than 2000 participants have intervened in a playground, a square, two open spaces transformed into community gardens and the programming of the Co.cidades festival including the stage and exhibition design.


Food from the Block (FFB)

Using food as a pretext to bring people together, it creates a gastronomic and ethnographic experience for participants to reflect on the edible landscapes they are part of. The collection of individual memories feeds a common mosaic of ingredients, objects, recipes and stories, which gives rise to a Takeover Fest community book.


Transforming Lisbon by reimagining playgrounds. By promoting safe, stimulating outdoor play for children, it encourages families to explore and utilise community spaces, fostering social and motor skill development. Through play, it creates lasting memories and lifelong friendships for all!

Recreate, upcycling design

Repurposes discarded materials through creative upcycling techniques, transforming leftover advertisement outdoors into unique objects. By giving waste materials a longer lifespan, this project promotes sustainability and reduces the environmental impact of discarded materials.

Repair Café Lisboa

Aims to reduce our ecological footprint and fight planned obsolescence by helping local communities repair broken objects.Instead of buying new ones, participants can bring it to the Repair Café for diagnosis and feasible repair by skilled volunteers, demystifying the process and promoting sustainability.

… And featuring the team behind Horta FCUL

A permaculture experiment tested on Lisbon’s campus to foster biodiversity and social wellbeing. Using sociocratic tools to build a convivial garden done in connection with the broader community, it empowers collective (re)imagination by acting locally and demonstrates how bottom-up processes can thrive in symbiosis with an academic structure.

About Forecast

Forecast is a Berlin-based, internationally active platform dedicated to the support, mentoring, and promotion of trailblazing creative practices and audacious artistic practitioners. It runs a mentoring programme which helps to realise projects whose social ambition and innovation potential stretches far beyond themselves. It supports sustainable knowledge exchange across genres and disciplines to promote open discussions of promising concepts.

Forecast has developed the workshop series Forecast Condensed, which offers creative individuals and collectives from a wide range of disciplines the opportunity to examine projects and to enhance their chances of success. A panel of mentors from multiple fields of expertise offers creative individuals, groups, and organisations advice and feedback on their projects. Forecast’s approach can be described as a prototypical development process. Each project is sounded out to find exactly where its distinctive qualities, promise, and potential lies.

Forecast is the initiator of collaborative projects with multiple institutional partners, such as Driving the Human (2020–2023) and Housing the Human (2018–2019).