Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
24 SEP 2020 - 27 SEP 2020
Palácio Sinel de Cordes
Free Admission
Gil Delindro
Lisboa Soa, EGEAC, Lisbon City Council

Gil Delindro © Daniela Araujo

Fictional Forests

Lisboa Soa Festival

The 5th edition of the environmental sound art festival Lisboa Soa takes place in various venues of the city.  In 2020, the Sinel de Cordes Palace hosts the Sound and New Media installation entitled Fictional Forests by the artist Gil Delindro, from 24th to 27th of September 2020. 

Fictional Forests is a Sound and New Media installation, a kind of natural Ready-made, where the exhibition room becomes an incubator of sensory experiences with living organisms, which, through a new observation, assume unexpected acoustic formats. Starting from a botanical field study in which the artist collaborates with national producers, specimens of plants will be chosen according to their acoustic characteristics, and later transplanted to a new space as mechanical elements of an electroacoustic installation.

Each specimen is in constant rotation, physically interacting with the next - a kind of fictional representation of the exchange between treetops in a forest. This large-scale work creates a space for movement and amplification between chaos and control, where the sound result is the result of physical contact between organic and fragile bodies. The frequencies resulting from this process are amplified in real time, in a simple and entirely analogue process of direct processing.

With free admission, Lisboa Soa festival is part of the Lisboa na Rua, a cultural programme organised by EGEAC within the frame of the Lisbon Capital Verde celebration. A programme for a (re) discovery of the city through sound in a year particularly marked by the forced silencing of our cities, in which listening has gained new horizons.

About the Festival

Lisboa Soa is an environmental sound art festival that aims to bring to debate an important and often neglected variable in urban planning, sound. At Lisboa Soa, we believe in the importance of listening and the role of sound art to stimulate a sense that is daily massacred by life contemporary. It is not only noise that occupies us, but sound in the broad sense, sound as a resource to understand the environment, sound as unifying and shared space, sound as an identifying element of the places we inhabit, sound as an element of aesthetic enjoyment and pleasure.

Lisboa Soa happens every year in Lisbon since 2016, it integrates the programme Lisboa na Rua / Egeac, with free admission. In 2020, by invitation of the Lisbon City Hall, Lisboa Soa is part of the programme that celebrates the Green Capital of Europe, a distinction attributed by the EU to Lisbon. Thus, the 5th edition happens within the Lisbon Green Capital and proposes a (re)discovery of the city by the ears in a year particularly marked by the forced silencing of our cities, in which listening has gained new horizons.

Gil Delindro Biography 

Gil Delindro (1989) is a unique presence among a new generation of Sound and Media Arts. He has distinguished himself by the research on organic elements, ephemeral events and intangible processes in Nature. His trans-disciplinary practice is based upon film, installation, sound performance and site specific/field research, and explores themes such as bioacoustics, animism, ephemerality and geology.

Delindro´s pieces directly translate stages of organic matter such as soil, water, wood and detritus in to expanded sonic spatial works, through a visceral approach of confrontation vs intimacy, whole vs detail. His time-based installations oppose biological structures with technological components, often creating autonomous systems that exist in a fragile transient space. Without forcing any direct political messages, Delindro´s work covers the contemporary struggle between humans and their rapidly changing environment, by interrogating in each ways the human perception of “Natural” can be challenged.

 A great part of his work is dedicated to extensive field research in various territories and geographies  - from the 3 month residency in African Saharan Desert “The Weight of Mountains 2015” to the Rainforests of Brazil “Resiliência 2017” - and recently the Minority Villages of Vietnam “Blind Signal 2019”, actively exploring links between field recording, anthropology, ecology and art practice. In 2016 he was selected by SHAPE as one of the most innovative sound artists working in Europe, being commissioned by reference festivals such as MusikProtokoll (Austria), Novas Frequências (Brazil), CynetArt (Dresden) Athens Digital Arts Fest (Athens), ARS Eletronica (Linz), Submerge festiva(Bristol), Semibreve(Braga), among others.

His work has been supported and awarded by institutions like ENCAC (European network for Audiovisual Creation), EDIGMA (Semibreve award), Gulbenkian Foundation (Portugal), EMARE (European Media Arts), the Berlin Senate for Kultur and Europa (Germany) as well as positively reviewed by ORF1 (Austria), Musikworks (Canada), SHAPE platform (Europe), NEURAL" printed magazine"(Itely) , "The Quietus”(UK). In 2018 he was interviewed as one of the most prolific young artists working within the cross field of arts, science and bio design by Japanese magazine Boundbaw. He was a guest Artist for the BADaward 2017, "Biological Clocks of the Universe" at MU Art Center, Netherlands, being finalist for the 2018 prize edition. His recent solo exhibitions includes “A grain within this cloud of Dust” Institutional Show in Berlin, and “A perennial earth” solo show in Vietnam, Goethe Institute Hanoi. He has collaborated with labels such as Tzadik (New York), Audition Records (Berlin), Sonóscopia (Porto) and Ausland (Berlin).