Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
20 APR 2024 - 06 MAY 2024
Johanna Musch, wit[h]nessing (Tatuli Japoshvili and Giga Tsikarishvili)
LINA, Creative Europe

Periple Duet 2024: Between exhaustion and cure by wit[h]nessing

Between Exhaustion and Cure

Periple Duet

In exploring the causes of exhaustion and the paths to healing, Giga Tsikarishvili and Tatuli Japoshvili interweave subjective experiences into broader socio-political, mental and environmental ecologies. Travelling within and beyond the borders separating Tbilisi from Lisbon (with a stop in Krvavica), the artists reflect on the interplays between human-made articulations and surrounding natural landscapes. Experiences, affects, and imaginaries are conveyed through the lens of speculative fabulation.

“Over the course of twelve days, we crossed the borders of ten countries, spending nights in twelve different cities. All the while, the sounds of riots from the streets of Tbilisi echoed in our minds, a constant reminder of the ongoing unrest we had seemingly left behind…”

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Tatuli Japoshvili

Researcher, visual culture critic and artist. Her practice explores the intersections between aesthetics, psychoanalysis and the notion of the feminine, as well as analysing the complex behaviour of images in both contemporary digital media and physical archives. In 2023, she founded with Giga Tsikarishvili wit[h]nessing, a transdisciplinary artistic research platform that aims to incorporate perspectives that expand the concepts of subjectivity, aesthetics and ethics at the intersection of art, architecture and design.

Giga Tsikarishvili

His multidisciplinary artistic practice delves into the connection between human and non-human subjects. Through his work, he encourages active involvement in establishing vivid relationships with nature/culture entities in dire need of care and respect. He is a co-founder of wit[h]nessing with Tatuli Japoshvili.