Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
Éric Lapierre
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Published by Polígrafa and Lisbon Architecture Triennale  

Edited by Éric Lapierre

1st edition, 2019

Text: English

Softback, Format: 13 x 21.2 cm, 135 pages, color and black and white illustrations and photos from various authors

Print run: 1.800

ISBN 978-84-343-1312-0

ISBN of the set of 5 volumes: 978-84-343-1393-4

© Trienal de Lisboa / Ana Guedes

Economy of Means

The Poetics of Reason

Form is the horizon of any human activity. Architecture is a discipline aiming at defining the form of buildings. Economy of Means : How Architecture Works aims at defining the good architectural form. Economy of means is its D.N.A. Beyond this, by questioning the economy of means both as an aesthetic category and as a conceptual tool, the book proposes to renew architecture to face global warming and scarcity of resources from within the architecture discipline.


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