Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
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Published by Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

1st edition, 2016

Text: English

Format: Softback, 80 pages b&w

ISBN: 9789899851351

A Forma da Forma

The Form of Form

Architecture is a visual construction with a wide range of responsibilities and values, which tend to remain hidden. Even before we think of architecture as a means of design, it is a form of knowledge. Despite all the tensions and frictions that occur during the physical and social transformation of our societies and landscapes, after the various agents that contributed to that transformation have left you, what remains is the constructed form. Citizens live among forms, architectural forms that come from the past and that will populate the future. This book presents an atlas of images of forms, organized in a system of cross-references that synthesizes a possible reading of the infinite world of architectural imaginary.