5 Oct – 12 Dec 2016
Lisbon Architecture Triennale / 5 Oct – 11 Dec 2016
5.10 – 11.12 2016

Joaquim Moreno (PT)

Joaquim Moreno graduated in Architecture from the University of Porto, and holds a Master’s from the Barcelona Technical School of Architecture and a PhD from Princeton University. He is adjunct assistant professor at Columbia University, Minho University and Autónoma University. Moreno was one of the editors of the Portuguese journal InSi(s)tu and co-curator, with the philosopher José Gil, of the Portuguese representation at the Venice Architecture Biennial 2008. Moreno is an active member of the Jornal Arquitectos team and co-curated with Paula Pinto the exhibition Guido Guidi – Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Tomb – at Garagem Sul/CCB in 2015.