5 Oct – 12 Dec 2016
Lisbon Architecture Triennale / 5 Oct – 11 Dec 2016
5.10 – 11.12 2016

White Lime Alprenca

©Manuel Caeiro - Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea

Manuel Caeiro’s exhibition will explore new possibilities within the theme The Form of Form, not only through the proximity of his work to the architecture realm but also through the belief that drawing is a vehicle of experience, action and conceptualization. This tool, closer to concept, to the gesture and to the hand is, in Manuel Caeiro’s work, a mean to think architecture. The galleries’ space, designed by Aires Mateus, allows an even more fruitful relation with the artist’s work, strengthening the matters related to architecture.


Opening Times

10.00am - 7.30pm
Monday to Friday

12.00pm - 7.30pm

Free admission

3 Nov - 31 Dec


Galeria Carlos Carvalho – Arte Contemporânea

Rua Joly Braga Santos, Lote F – R/c


2 November, 6pm

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