Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

The successful new Open House format

26 SEP 2020 - 27 SEP 2020
Around Lisbon

On the last weekend of 26 and 27 September 2020 the Open House returned to the streets to celebrate the city’s architecture, exalt Lisbon’s personality and premiere a format. In a pandemic year, new rules and more distance, Triennale approached the desire to reinvent this programme, without postponing it to 2021. Because architecture doesn’t postpone itself, the 9th edition invited people to leave home to walk and wander through everyday places. For the first time, an eclectic selection of people from different areas of culture participated in this programme, bringing together a diversity of perspectives on the Portuguese capital to rediscover the same city.

Volunteer welcoming visitors at the Caleidoscópio, located at the Campo Grande Garden as part of the tour conceived by Inês Meneses

Caleidoscópio, Sound Walk by Inês Meneses, September 2020 ©Hugo David

For two days, those who discovered the suggested sound walks witnessed friends, family, couples and people alone walking the same streets, with a map in their hands and headphones in their ears. With a reinforced attention, people were looking around and Lisbon made this place of paths guided by the voices of Inês Meneses, Leonor Teles, Lígia Soares, Gonçalo Byrne, Gonçalo M. Tavares, Paula Moura Pinheiro, Rui Tavares and Tomás Wallenstein, a place of invitation and participation. There are those who have traveled the 700 meters of Space, Chair, Path and Writing of Gonçalo M. Tavares or those who have added more than 20 km doing the full eight journeys. We listened to Luís Severo and dressed those Olhos de Lince to tame the building around us, we became more familiar with names of buildings, we discovered galleries where we had never entered and thus the appetite was revived by the memories of the palate that several voices evoked.

Along with the urbanity that was explored between Damião de Góis or The Kaleidoscope Lovers, the children were also active participants in these tours through which we invited them to imagine the city and who inhabits it, or rethink its forms and creatures. There was an unparalleled adherence of the families who joined and also dedicated part of their time to the youngest. In 2020, the Open House Júnior was materialized in cards of playful activities designed to stimulate the exploration of observation and imagination around the world we inhabit.

We reinvented ourselves to underline the importance of the city and this event that highlights (our) September agenda. We joined efforts to make it possible to premiere it. Dizplay Soundlab was a great accomplice throughout the meticulous journey through the production of the audio files that total 454 minutes, making this project a reality. With them, we added many hours between the recording studio and the sound design to build and shape the audios that were the master GPS of these sensory journeys. Check our photo gallery.

The sound walks are available on the official website from the SoundCloud platform, Spotify and usual aggregators. From 25 to 27 September, we recorded 4,766 reproductions distributed between 4,396 in SoundCloud and 370 in Spotify) and 2,118 downloads, the equivalent of 6,884 visits. revealing the success of this new format. The peak of users happened on Saturday, 26 September, with Gonçalo Byrne tour as the most requested. These audio files are still available, giving the opportunity to those who couldn't experience it during the weekend and be guided by unique personalities of culture in Portugal. Financed by the Directorate-General for the Arts, the Open House is a co-production between the Lisbon Architecture Triennale and EGEAC, as part of Lisboa Na Rua programme and involving their cultural spaces.

Open House Lisboa Signage at the beginning of the sound walk conceived by the journalist Paula Moura Pinheiro

Sound Walk by Paula Moura Pinheiro entitled Avenidas Novas Renewed, September 2020 ©Hugo David

Since its inception in 2012, it is supported by the strategic partnership of Lisbon City Hall and EDP Foundation and is part of the international network Open House Worldwide, which connects more than fifty cities around the world between five continents. This celebration once again involved institutional partners (Serra Henriques Foundation, Casa da Arquitectura, Metropolitano de Lisboa), with a set of media partners that amplified the dissemination (Antena 1, Archdaily, Canal180, Cision, Jornal Construir, FG+SG – Architecture Photography, Gerador, RTP), also had a team of students from ETIC, responsible for the production of videos, as well as several supports (Docomomo Portugal, ATL – Lisbon Tourism Association, Ammazza, Fab Lab Lisboa, Come, Gira – Lisbon Bicycles and Jardins Abertos) with whom we share this achievement.

And, with the usual strength, a large volunteer team joined this big family. The open call to become a Volt also exceeded our best expectations. This group of people composed of various ages and training areas brought its fundamental energy to the event. In recognition of their generosity, we distributed snacks, offered vouchers and the trilogy of the 2010 Triennale catalogue. And, now, get to know our volunteers family:

Adalgisa Rodrigues, Alexandra Sorokina, Ana Catarina Correia, Ana Filipa Muxagata, Ana Rita Valente, André Rosa, Arthur Macedo, Barbara Arita, Beatriz Couto, Beatriz Gomes, Bruna Silva, Bruno Xisto, Carlos Jorrim, Carolina Cerqueira, Catarina Martins, Clara Sprung, Daniela Esteves, Diogo Santos, Diogo Veloso, Eduardo Barreira, Emilija Sequeira, José Francisco Loureiro, Gabriel Lima, Gabriela Magalhães, Gabriella De Souza Martins, Giovanna Belmiro, Guilherme Adão, Inês Inácio, Inês Marques, Inês Soares, Ingrid Guerth Mayer, Jared Fantasia, Joana de Lemos, Joana Simões, João Fernandes, João Gomes, João Pedro Simões, José Frutuoso, Jule Kurbjeweit, Julia Hachiya, Laura Sofia Pinzón, Leonor Joanes, Lina Jesus, Luísa Lisboa, Luisa Medina, Luiz Augusto Perine, Mafalda Pinto, Manuel Louro, Manuela Synek, Marcelo Ribeiro, Márcia Gonçalves, Marco Morais, Maria Cristina Camacho, Maria Nogueira, Mariana Faria, Mariana Luís, Marília de Jesus Pires, Marina de Carvalho, Marjory Ribeiro, Marta Custódia, Miguel Ferreira, Miguel Santos, Mónica Leonardo, Nicoleta Iurescu, Paula Rodrigues, Paulo Leone, Pedro Couto de Sousa, Raquel Ambrósio, Raquel Nunes, Raquel Pereira, Rebecca Nunes, Rei Balduino Simões, Rita Candeias, Rita Pedro, Roberta Marquardt, Rosana Lopes, Rúben Coelho, Sandra Samina, Sofia Rocha, Sofia Silva Correia, Susana Duarte, Tânia Pinheiro, Thamires Melo, Tiago Lourenço, Tiago Pinto, Tuany Oliveira, Vasylyna Kuzmych, Vinicios Brito, Vitor Moreira, Zaida Freire.

Our team was involved with the contribution of 54 people, dedicated to diverse challenges and areas. If you participated in this 9th edition, we invite you to tell us about your experience filling this brief survey (Portuguese only). Check the photo gallery of the 9th edition journey.