Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

The visual identity of Triennale 2019 awarded at Tokyo TDC

03 OCT 2019 - 02 DEC 2019
Éric Lapierre, Sébastien Marot, Ambra Fabi, Giovanni Piovene, Mariabruna Fabrizi, Fosco Lucarelli, Laurent Esmilaire and Tristan Chadney 
The image developed for the Triennale v by Marco Balesteros, founder of the Letra studio, received the Bronze (Prize Nominee) at the Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards 2021, which makes it one of the best in the world among 3750 applications to this competition.

This graphic design project is one of the 100 Prize Nominee Works, standing out for being the only one to receive the award in four categories: Mark & ​​Logotype/Corporate Stationery/Branding (general identity concept); Editorial/Book Design (collection of 5 books); Small Graphics (brochures and leaflets); Poster B (MUPIs and posters for the outdoor campaign). For the design of his visual identity, Balesteros chose the letter "T" as an elementary form of construction and synthesis of visual language, an architectural T that started from parts of other "T" in overlapping and mixed forms that slide, fall and fit .

This is the second international distinction for the graphic elements of the Triennale’s 5th edition designed by Balesteros. The design of the five books for The Poetics of Reason, edited in partnership with Polígrafa, had received the ADG-FAD (Barcelona) LAUS 2020 Full Book Design Award and is also in the race for the German prize of Stiftung Buchkunst "Best Book Design from all Over the World ".

Public presentation | The Poetics of Reason | Ediício FPM41 (Building site), Lisbon | April 24th 2018 © Hugo David

Tokyo TDC (Tokyo Font Guidance Club) was founded in 1987. The Tokyo TDC Award (TDC Annual Awards / Tokyo Font Guidance Club Award) was established in 1990. In 2006, it was awarded the status of a non-profit organisation (NPO) by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan. Tokyo TDC aims to pay attention to and respect the font design that expresses the profound relationship between text and language. At the same time, it also pays great attention to the taste of the art director in the corporate brand appeal and the proposition of visual communication art and design.

Since 2006, Tokyo TDC is Non-Profit making Organisation (NPO) status by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which organises the “Tokyo TDC Awards,” an international design competition, and the “TDC Exhibition,” a showcase of the winners of this competition, as well as issue the design annual book.