Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Palace Exhibition makes way for talk in the Courtyard

To round off the visit to the exhibition Matter for Future Excavation at the Triennale headquarters, we invite you to a talk on Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 6:30 pm in the Palace Courtyard, with the curators and artists of the exhibited works. The motto is how the exhibition questions and reshapes the city geographies and their temporality, through photography, moving image, sound and words. We will debate and reflect upon the different views of the city, the images produced and the spatialities reinvented in the works you can see in the exhibition, questioning the issues that focus on the authors’ positioning in relation to the object of their art:

How can artistic practices, in their making the world, contribute to thinking and questioning the cities in which we live and the way we relate to them? How can the corporeal perception of spaces and places question and expand the readings we make of the city? To what extent do the views in this exhibition question the city that is now being produced, and how can they open up new possibilities for the future?

Talk Matter for Future Excavation, May 5th 2021, © Manuel Henriques

Matter for Future Excavation, curated by Ana Jara and Joana Braga, looks at the city with a gesture of excavating the material from which it is made, revealing different strata and less visible configurations of its traces and tensions. The works of Carlos Gomes, Fernando Ramalho, Luísa Ferreira, Tânia Moreira David and Valter Vinagre echo places and practices of mutual care in the city crossed by the pandemic, inscribing in the image of the city spaces that are strange to the urban system, excavating the transformation of the threshold between the city and the river, recalling how the city is inhabited by sensitive non-human forms of life, while encouraging us to experience the city in a renewed way, investing the whole body and paying attention to the details that question us.