Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Intervalo is the new programme of Lisbon Triennale

Between 2010 and 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale editions are on break. This programme is not an interregnum, but rather a set of events that brings together conferences, activities and multiple collaborations, enhancing architectural culture. To complete this programme and unveil what 2013 brings to Lisbon, the announcement of the new Chief Curator and the theme of the 2013 Triennale is scheduled for 11 November 2011 at MAAT.

The timeline that separates this triennium happens with Critical Distance, where international acclaimed architects and practices whose work is recognized come together to confront their projects. That distance is shortened with guests from various backgrounds such as Kazuyo Sejima and Beatrice Galilee on 16 November 2011; David Chipperfield, Álvaro Siza Vieira and Hans Ulrich Obrist in April 2012 and Paulo David and Andres Lepik in June 2012, whose conference also includes Paulo David's exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, in a collaboration between MNAC and the Lisbon Triennale. 

As a way to diversify this break, the Triennale also proposes specific collaborations such as:

- hosting of AA Visiting School - Architectural Association, an internationally recognized teaching institution of excellence. Based in London, it is a school that fosters multidisciplinarity through an experimental teaching system that promotes debates, workshops and an active participation of students in multiple initiatives. AA promotes, through new and familiar voices and projects, programmes on climate and ethical issues, without labelling and putting up rigid barriers to the discipline, and it is from there that great names in architecture such as David Chipperfield, Rem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid have emerged. This workshop has been held in different cities such as Asinara, Barcelona, Budapest, Stuttgart, Milan, Moscow and Zurich.

- The premiere of the Open House Lisbon, a selection of buildings that usually cannot be visited from the inside, opening their doors to the public during two days of guided tours for an intense architectural enjoyment. Lisbon is thus the 13th city to join the Open House Worldwide network; 

- And also the Iberian Encounters: an immersive discussion of work that summons an emerging generation of Portuguese and Spanish authors operating in architecture, thus bringing together a diversity of voices and experiences, through workshops, debates and disciplinary crossings in a showcase of the new architecture that is being made between Portugal and Spain.