Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Triennale 2010 was the debate with Architecture [in] ]out[ Politics

14 SEP 2010 - 16 JAN 2011
Delfim Sardo, Julia Albani, Ana Vaz Milheiro, Diogo Seixas Lopes, Manuel Aires Mateus and João Luís Carrilho da Graça, amongst others
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Locations: Museu Colecção Berardo, Fundação EDP - Museu da Electricidade, MNAC – Museu do Chiado, Centro Cultural de Cascais

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2010, which runs until 16 January 2011, organized the International Conference on Architecture [in] ]out[ Politics, at Aula Magna, marking the closing of the 2nd edition entitled Let's Talk About Houses. The programme ended in a multidisciplinary debate, where architecture and politics crossed as argument and process, broad and open. 

The conference took place on 15 and 16 January as an opportunity to reflect and debate on architecture as an instrument to guide democratic processes and as a temporal and spatial sign of its potentialities. In order to discuss these concepts in an interdependent way, the programme has built under four vectors: policy, citizenship, device and future. From a plurality of voices, architectural practices as manifesto, place, factuality and function were addressed and the different relational levels between Architecture and Politics were discussed.

Commissioned by Cláudia Taborda and José Capela, the duo brought to the debate an affirmative approach to this relationship in contemporary times, inviting an international panel of people working in architecture among other authors, who bring to the debate their perspectives, visions and experiences of projects. To talk about politics, André Tavares moderates the debate between Andrea Cavalletti, Jeffrey Inaba, Markus Miessen and Ricardo Carvalho. Citizenship is thought and discussed by Reinhold Martin, Jorge Mario Jáuregui, Yona Friedman and José António Bandeirinha, with moderation by Joaquim Moreno. Jorge Carvalho is the moderator chosen for Dispositivo, with Monique Eleb, Jonathan Hill, Santiago Cirugeda and Pier Vittorio Aureli. The Future invites Sarah Whiting, Alain Guiheux and Philippe Rahm, with Pedro Bandeira as moderator.

Jorge Mario Jaurégui, Citizenship © João Morgado

Sarah Whiting presentation on Future © João Morgado

In a year in which both the Triennale's educational service and the Associated Projects are debuting, the conferences are part of the wider programme of reflection around the themes addressed by Let's Talk About Houses. The aim is also to guarantee access to the Triennale's exhibitions, thus reaching a wider public, which includes not only students, trainees and professionals from other areas. You can consult the programme in detail here (PT only).

Santiago Cirugeda © João Morgado

José António Bandeirinha ©João Morgado