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Reconstruct Japan: Lisbon is part of this call for action

As part of the international solidarity support to Japan, the Open Japan Global 72hr WorkJam project is the first major event developed by an online platform Open Sim Sim, created in Berlin, to ignite and promote the concept of open source work. As a way of helping in the reconstruction of the east part of Japan, after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Lisbon is also part of this call for projects and rehabilitation, hosting the initiative on 10, 11 and 12 June 2011.

A more sustainable future is the motto of this unique event of working collaboratively with architects, designers and engineers, in the development of 99 projects for the reconstruction of the destroyed areas of Japan. 

The event also appeals to those who are willing to donate their time and knowledge to this humanitarian cause in order to initiate ideas for a sustainable future of destroyed areas in Japan.. Thus several parts of the world are dedicated to this Japanese cause, working in stages for its reconstruction. This innovative format joining ten cities is a three-day work jam, divided into four shifts of six hours each.

Japan debuts the format of this intense framework, then gives their developed material to Russia, which in turn transmits it to other European cities, finally landing in the United States of America, making the first cycle of 24 hours. The dynamic is repeated in the following days, in a process of many kilometres of knowledge, sharing the final results, the project’s implementation and solutions proposed in international exhibitions. Lisbon is one of the centres of work spread around the world connecting Tokyo, Kyoto, Moscow, Berlin, Madrid and New York. The Portuguese representation is assumed by the architect and critic Luís Santiago Baptista, as patron and by the architects José Adrião and Pedro Pacheco, as moderators and project managers.