Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
20 APR 2024 - 06 MAY 2024
Johanna Musch, wit[h]nessing (Tatuli Japoshvili and Giga Tsikarishvili)
LINA, Creative Europe

Johanna Musch at the LINA Conference 2023 © Urban Cerjak

Periple Duet 2024

Public presentation with DAI-SAI

The second edition of these on-the-move residencies within the European LINA community is held in partnership with the DAI-SAI institution. The format stays unchanged, but is now linked to the association's Architecture of Cure programme. A social designer and a duo of emerging artists travelled across the continent by collective means of transportation to Lisbon and a disused modernist sanatorium in Krvavica, on the Adriatic coast. 

On Time

Between Paris and Lisbon, Johanna Musch's journey takes her to meet and interview 'witnesses of care', people who carry out ‘long-term actions of care’ in their daily practice. A human landscape of caretakers of forests, art collections, communities and each other.

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Between Exhaustion and Cure

Giga Tsikarishvili and Tatuli Japoshvili weave subjective experiences into a socio-political, cognitive and environmental ecology that takes them on a 7,000-kilometre odyssey across the Black, Marmara, Thracian, Aegean, Adriatic, Mediterranean, Balearic Seas and finally reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

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About Architecture of Cure

This DAI-SAI programme explores architectural heritage with the aim of transforming material and immaterial environments – once spaces of 'common disease' – into places of ‘common healing'. The Children's Health Resort in Krvavica, an icon of Croatian architect Rikard Marasović and the surrounding communities, is the focus of the programme.

A community festival builds fictional narratives with great affection and empathy about the society that created these places and the imaginable new collectives that could govern them in the future.


27 April
18h – City walk and visit to  Mike Festival

28 April
12h – Performative guided tour of the Children' Health Resort, by Ana Dana Beroš, Tina Divić e Mauro Sirotnjak
18h – Critical Tourism: debate and fanzine presentation

29 and 30 April
10h – workshops and daily performances

1 May
16h – Community Festival, with installations and performances:

  • On Time, by Johanna Musch
  • Between Exaustion and Cure, by wit[h]nessing (Tatuli Japoshvili Giga Tsikarishvili)
  • Continous Leisure, by Esteban Sala
  • Children’s Scale, by Tina Divić
  • The Rampant Krvavica Walk, by Pavle Mijuca 
    … And much more.