Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

At Play exhibition with city tour

23 OCT 2021
Boxing Boxes, Rua Wanda Ramos
Additional info
Manuel Henriques, executive director of the Triennale, was invited by CCB - Garagem Sul to take part in the programme of the exhibition At Play // Arquitetura & Jogo with a tour, on Saturday, October 23, 2021, to Boxing Boxes, an Associated Project from Mexico that was part of the Triennale 2019, as a specific example in Lisbon of the intersection of architecture and playing. The urban intervention was built in Bairro de Portugal Novo (New Portugal Neighborhood) , in the Olaias district, creating a meeting space for the local community, and the idea is to explain the origin of this intervention in public space, the challenges, stories or curiosities, by talking about the object and its relationship with the space, as well as how the intervention ended up in that place.

This guided tour had to be canceled since the structure of this urban intervention has been dismantled.

Outdoor box gymnasium where children and adults from the social housing Portugal Novo get together

Boxing Box by Diseño Espacial, Triennale 2019 © Hugo David

At Play // Arquitetura & Jogo is an exhibition about game and imagination, constructed experiences and mythological narratives. It focuses on the idea of ​​«Creation of Worlds» and brings together two characters: architects and children - children's games have always been a fertile ground for the invention of «Worlds» and architects also imagine new «Worlds». Topics as varied as childhood and education, urban planning, public space, history, architecture, art and invention are addressed, with the aim of tracing the history of both imaginary and imagined "Worlds", where each of us designs and plays. At each exhibition, CCB - Garagem Sul organises a public programme of tours and complementary workshops.

October 23, 11.00 am 
Approximate duration: 1 hour
Capacity: 20 people maximum
To enrol by email or by  phone +351 213 612 614/5