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Open Call OH Lisboa Plus 2021


Deadline: July 2nd, 20212021-06-14


Deadline: July 2nd, 20212021-06-14


How do you explore the city from the water lines?

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale is open to applications for events to be held in the locations along the itinerary of the Open House Lisboa’s 10th edition, which is titled The Ways of Water. This time, the Open House expands to both banks of the Tagus River and joins two cities together: Lisbon and Almada.

Baldios is the landscape architecture collective selected to curate the 2021 edition, which is guided by the water lines in the two urban areas. The proposal highlights the role of the Tagus River in the understanding of topography and urban and architectural development as potential elements that bridge the cities of Lisbon and Almada.

This 10th edition, designed in times of pandemic, seeks to show the urgency of keeping cultural city life active. By fostering the value of water’s potential and singularities, we suggest the observation of these two cities’ architecture bringing together their inhabitants. To add to the guided tour programme, we are accepting external proposals from independent and self-funded events that may explore different forms of action and readings of the contemporary city, involving distinct artistic expressions and equally diverse formats:

  • Concerts
  • Projections
  • Performances
  • Exhibitions
  • Installations
  • Workshops


Proposals may be submitted by Portuguese or foreign organisations, by cultural agents, publishers, or NGOs. The application can be made individually or in group (formal or informal) and must be an independent project with guaranteed funding to enhance the experience of visiting a space or an urban route carried out on foot along the water lines that punctuate these two territories. The applicant project must also be aimed at the general public and the participation in the event must be free, since the entire Open House programme has free access, namely accessible visits, junior activities and Plus events.

Applicant projects must take place in one of the over fifty locations in this Open House itinerary, and occur during the weekend of 25 and 26 September 2021.

In this call, the Triennale team and the Baldios curators intend to select up to a maximum of 10 (ten) applications that will autonomously integrate the Plus programme of this 10th edition.


For the Open House Plus programme, proposals are valued according to:

  • Connection to the theme of city and water, proposing critical interpretations of this edition’s theme
  • Capacity to rethink traditional formats of public presentation and reinforce the inclusive dimension of the event
  • Focus on participatory ways to broaden the audience reach
  • Privilege to cultural accessibility
  • Participation involving local agents in the territories of Lisbon and/or Almada

The jury for this open call is Lisbon Architecture Triennale’s executive team and the Open House curators. Upon selection, we will make suggestions of locations in the itinerary where you can accommodate the event, which will work as complementary spatial reading. After this first introduction made by the Triennale, each project team will proceed with the implementation and production stage with the host organisation.

OH Lisboa ensures the dissemination of events, which will take form in different media:


Submission Deadline: until Tuesday, July 2, 2021
Announcement of Results: July 14, 2021


You can find the form here.

Questions about this call should be sent to

Final Provisions

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale reserves the right to select a number of proposals different from the originally projected, depending on their quality and relevance in relation to Open House.