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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© RGFA, Ricardo Gonçalves Foto
© RGFA, Ricardo Gonçalves Foto
© RGFA, Ricardo Gonçalves Foto

Arriaga Apartment

  • Interventions:
  • Embaixada
  • (2017 reabilitação)

Situated in a street that is one of the historic axes of expansion of the city westwards parallel to the river, this apartment is an example of standard architecture set amongst a varied fabric consisting of palatial residences, monasteries and industrial buildings. The housing typology is small in size, labyrinthine in layout, fragmented, and receives little natural lighting. The architectural team presented an Action-Research-based design – in other words, a work achieved by direct manipulation of the matter and the space by the body itself, with no drawings, models or 3D simulations. The existing space and its objects are transformed into a new – more current and practical – approach to living, through a design that is pared down and simplified.

Rua Presidente Arriaga, 98
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Bus: 713, 714, 727


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