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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

7th Edition, 2018

OH Lisboa 2018

In this, its 7th edition, Open House Lisboa will once again hold many of the keys in the city for two days, over the weekend of 22 and 23 September, offering free and unforgettable visits to many buildings. We hereby invite all to discover the list of 84 spaces, 38 of which are new to the programme. This year we also offer nine Urban Tours of different parts of the city, with local specialists serving as guides. They are designed to provide better insight into the history, changes and architecture in the city’s neighbourhoods.

This was the proposal of our curator team for 2018, made up of the architect, critic and lecturer Luís Santiago Baptista, and the architect, lecturer and researcher Maria Rita Pais. The duo divided Lisbon up into nine areas, using a spatial and temporal arc that begins in the historic centre but sets out to take an X-ray of each zone, thus bringing reflection on the city into the contemporary period. It is our aim to reflect on the city of today whilst carrying with us knowledge of its history and the urbanistic developments that modernity has brought with it.

And the diversity in the guide for this year reveals precisely that: from a house in bourgeois Restelo to the “Pink Panther” housing block in Chelas; from the Conde Barão Garage to the Cecílio de Sousa Studio and to the Torre do Tombo National Archives Building. We then leave it to the visitor to create their own relationships, and reflect on their experience and on the alterations to their city. And because diversity not only played a role in the selection of the spaces; and, indeed, because Open House Lisboa is for everyone, we also have, as always, tours for groups with diverse disabilities, children’s activities and our Plus Programme.

Each year we provide a collectible view of Lisbon – views that are well worth keeping. For this reason our printed guide is different. The OH guide is now richer in content and can be used to read up on the programme, choose which spaces to go see, and gain insight into the spaces. The opening hours and other information are available on our website and on the map we make available for the most special weekend of the year. Open House Lisbon is yours, every year, to keep and reflect on.

A concept that was originally devised in London in 1992 by Victoria Thornton, Open House Lisbon is part of the big Open House Worldwide family. The Lisbon Triennale has been organising OH Lisboa since 2012. Since 2015 it has been doing so in partnership with EGEAC, Lisbon’s municipal cultural management company.

Be an insider.

To Inhabit a City in Transformation

Modernity has brought with it major transformations in terms of the organisation of the city of Lisbon, expanding it on a metropolitan scale and also leading to progressive transformation of its consolidated historic fabric. It is on the basis of this modern urban structure that the city has developed, giving rise to new dilemmas and challenges. Now that Lisbon repeatedly features on lists of the most attractive and cosmopolitan cities in the world, a reflection of the urban, social and cultural phenomena associated with a globalised world, we are now witnessing accentuated and accelerated transformation not only of the city’s physical structure, but also of how it is used and lived in. However, the processes of change are not a constant or identical across the city. They are closely linked to the specific nature of the various urban areas and take place at varying intensities and velocities. It is important to understand the multiple energies and stimuli each of these areas, with their different problems, needs and potentials, have and are subject to, and to never lose sight of the idea of the general interdependence and cohesion of the city.

Open House 2018 focuses on the affirmation of metropolitan Lisbon – the city we live in today, with all its modern and contemporary proposals. The exemplary works of architecture featured in this guide are seen in terms of their urban integration, taking the different ways of inhabiting the city into account, as well as the various dynamics at play in current city building. Accordingly, the aim is to showcase the role architects have played and continue to play in transforming and improving Lisbon. In short, Open House 2018 is an opportunity not only to celebrate the city we have now, but also to reflect on what kind of city we want in the future.

Luís Santiago Baptista and Maria Rita Pais (the curators)

Board and Staff

Open House Lisboa 2018

Luís Santiago Baptista
Maria Rita Pais
Texts about the spaces
the curators
Coordination OH Lisboa
Carolina Vicente
Beatriz Caetano Bento
Volunteer Program
Filipa Tomaz (coordination)
Joana Martins
Accessibility Program
Locus Acesso
 Accessibility Liason
Marcelo Ribeiro
Area Coordinators
Ana Rita Valente
André Veiga Rosa
Beatriz Couto
Catarina Batalha
Eduardo Barreira
Raquel Nunes
Rita Mota
Romeu Zagalo
Area Tutors
Ana Cláudia Brás
Ester Donninelli
Inês Inácio
Inês Martins
Inês Soares
Luís Filipe Fernandes
Margarida Borges
Tao Chen
Communication design
Studio AH-HA
Voice over
Inês Meneses


Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

José Mateus, Chairman
Nuno Sampaio, Vicechairman
José Manuel dos Santos, Member
Maria Dalila Rodrigues, Member
Pedro Araújo e Sá, Member

Deputy Director
Manuel Henriques

Management Assistant
Helena Soares

Communication and Press:
Sara Battesti (coordination)
Cláudia Duarte (press)
Raquel Guerreiro (graphic design)
Susana Pomba (editor)

Isabel Antunes (coordination)
Carolina Vicente
Tiago Pombal
Fundraising and Partnerships
Joana Salvado
Joanna Hecker


What can art do? 50 Years of May 68

Sunday 11h

Evento parte do Junior

Discover MAAT – Architecture Special

Sunday 16h

Evento parte do Junior


Expert/Guide: Tiago Oliveira

Evento parte do Urban Walk

The Children’s Choir of the Marvila Library

Sunday 16h

Evento parte do Plus

A Tiger-Lily is Hard to Find

Saturday 16h30
Sunday 16h30

Evento parte do Junior

Positioning systems: techniques of disappearance

Sunday 17h
Lila Athanasiadou and Maria Alexandrescu

Evento parte do Plus


Saturday 10h30 and 16h

Evento parte do Junior

IBISCO Theatre Group – Open Rehearsal

Saturday 16h

Evento parte do Junior

Space. Sound. Body

Sunday 15h
Barbara Galli, Katharina Voigt, Nicolas Drössel, Simon Schankula – informal collective

Evento parte do Plus

My House Reflects Me

Saturday 10h-14h

Evento parte do Junior


Expert/Guide: Inês Lobo

Evento parte do Urban Walk

(In)visible City

Saturday 10h–13h
Sunday 10h–13h

Evento parte do Junior


Saturday 16h
Sunday 16h
Sofia Ó

Evento parte do Plus

Time Travel

Sunday 10h-12h30

Evento parte do Junior


Expert/Guide: Ricardo Carvalho

Evento parte do Urban Walk

Conversas de Curral

Sunday 10h

Evento parte do Plus

Santos, Príncipe Real and Campo de Ourique

Expert/Guide: Ana Vaz Milheiro

Evento parte do Urban Walk

The Eggplant Princess

Saturday 11h and 12h

Evento parte do Junior

To be an architect of ideas

Saturday 10h30

Evento parte do Junior


Expert/Guide: Tiago Mota Saraiva

Evento parte do Urban Walk

1:1 A House at Full-Scale

Saturday 11h and 16h

Evento parte do Junior

Workshop Art for Non-Humans

Saturday 16h
with the artist Miguel Santos

Evento parte do Plus

Architecture is for us!

Saturday 14h-18h
Sunday 14h-18h

Evento parte do Junior


Sunday 13h
Luis Fernandes

Evento parte do Plus


Expert/Guide: Patrícia Bento D'Almeida

Evento parte do Urban Walk

The Ages of the City – Industrial Lisbon

Saturday 16h
Artur Rocha

Evento parte do Plus

Parque das Nações

Sunday 11h45
Specialist/Guide: Michel Toussaint

Evento parte do Urban Walk

Cidade Universitária

Expert/Guide: Paulo Tormenta Pinto

Evento parte do Urban Walk

Reactivate Relationships: Alegria Social Hub

Saturday 16h
Gennaro Giacalone and Roberta Pellé

Evento parte do Plus

The Glory of Lisbon

Saturday 10h-18h

Evento parte do Junior

Crosstalks by Filmadoria

Saturday 15h
Joana Gouveia Alves, João Filipe Silva

Evento parte do Plus

Avenidas Novas

Expert/Guide: José Manuel Fernandes

Evento parte do Urban Walk
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