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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Filipe Jorge

South Olivais – Urban Plan

  • Original Authors:
  • José Rafael Botelho ,
  • Carlos Duarte
  • (1961)

Planned and built from scratch in municipal land, the South Olivais urban plan was influenced by British New Towns, put into place some of the principles of the Athens Charter and broke with the urban planning practice developed in Portugal to that date. It includes residential blocks for dwellers of different economic statuses, constituting an example of social integration. The various urban cells are gathered around a central core of commerce and services, and a large garden. Wide and abundantly populated with trees, the public space of Sounth Olivais presents its inhabitants with a unique outdoor experience, making up for the scarcity of space within the many social housing apartments.
The South Olivais Urban Plan is a proposal of a city model — framing the project chronologically and in urban terms — that approaches architectonic options taken during the design of the buildings, which show new perspectives on living in a neighbourhood.

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