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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
vista aeria do edifício em construção na malha urbana
© Lara Deus e Ruben Neves
grua central a percorrer os 3 pisos deste edifício de grande escala
© Lara Deus e Ruben Neves
espaço amplo em construção
© Lara Deus e Ruben Neves


  • Interventions:
  • António Costa Lima Arquitectos
  • (em construção)

Rua Maria Pia and Horta Navia have witnessed the transition of the residential neighbourhood to the area closer to the foothills of the Alcântara valley, where industrial and logistics buildings still thrive. This work is an example of a collage of different morphologies, the product of a composite building that brings together the main house, a palace, with part of an old factory. If, on the one hand, it is a clear renovation work of the palace, on the other hand, a more intrusive intervention stands out in the factory, using only the outer walls and reconfiguring the outline of the warehouse, in a reinterpretation of the slope of the Alcântara valley itself. Aesthetically striking, the new roofing organises the set, combining the various elements in a semi-opaque/semi-vegetable textile membrane that covers the whole building in a dialectic relationship between past and present.


Travessa da Horta Navia, 6
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