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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Cinco Dedos [“Five Fingers”] Housing Complex

  • Original Authors:
  • Vítor Figueiredo
  • (1975)

This is a commission for a house for a family of five, in a 60 square metres lot, at the time occupied by a plain highly degraded construction. The expansion of the building assumed the alignment in height with the surrounding buildings and the progression, inside the house, through a staircase that adapts to the organisation of each floor: on the first two, we find the private spaces; on the three above, we find the common and family spaces that become progressively wider and free from the compartmentalising of privacy. The river view and, above all, the light from the south grow progressively in the life at the dwelling until the outer space on the top floor is reached. The regularity of the façades and exterior openings is reinforced, inside and outside the house, by the design of exceptions: the “green eye” in Verde Viana green marble and the projected balcony.

Rua Adães Bermudes, Lote 252
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Public Transportation
Bus: 755, 794
Subway: Chelas


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