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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Inês d'Orey
© Inês d'Orey
© Inês d'Orey

Caramelo House in Santa Isabel

  • Interventions:
  • Paulo Tormenta Pinto ,
  • Rosa Maria Bastos
  • (2021 reabilitação)

A single-family dwelling occupies an old two-storey eighteenth-century building, part of a row of terraced houses in Estrela. The facade denotes the recent intervention. The project’s design started from the existing building, integrating elements of the old facade into the renewed morphology and adding a new floor. Inside, the surprise effect of the spatial complexity contrasts with the simplicity of the facade. Details and particularities that define each space and enhance the links between them are discovered. On the first floor, above the dining room, the double headroom ascends to the upper floor. The living room is half a floor below and connects to the garden. The study enjoys a broad view through a window on the roof. The space accomplishes its final composition through the built-in furniture, designed to adapt to each function. These elements, mostly in wood with a natural finish, strongly contribute to the house’s identity.

Travessa de São Plácido, 31
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Public Transportation
Bus: 28E, 738
Subway: Rato


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