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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Artur Caldas
© Artur Caldas

São Domingos Church

  • Original Authors:
  • Várias autorias
  • (1241)

  • Interventions:
  • João Frederico Ludovice
  • (1748)
  • José Fernando Canas
  • (1755)
  • Manuel Caetano de Sousa
  • (1996)

In this place stood the first Dominican convent in Lisbon, destroyed in the 1755 earthquake, of which only the main chapel has survived to tell the tale. The church erected there presents a blend of styles from different periods and influences, with Mannerist traits and a predominance of Baroque. In 1959, it was consumed by fire to be reopened only in the 1990s, with the marks of fire still visible today on the blackened stones and cracks in the pavement. Despite the memory of the destruction, the interior is of great beauty and eclecticism, with emphasis on the double columns that remain from the 18th-century intervention, as well as the marble polychromy. The entrance hall, the sacristy and the cloister wing survived the successive catastrophes and stand out by the value of their original elements, such as figurative tile panels, marble tombs and Dominican-themed oil paintings.


Largo de São Domingos
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