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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Francisco Nogueira
© Francisco Nogueira
© Francisco Nogueira

House at Rua das Praças

  • Original Authors:
  • Bak Gordon Arquitectos
  • (2020)

This house is located in the neighbourhood of Lapa and integrates an orthogonal grid that responds to the local topography, with dramatic steep streets crossing the hill and gently sloped streets that create an irregular pattern of views over the Tagus. The house occupies the entire corner and follows the characteristics of the surrounding residential buildings, which have diversified morphology, facades, finishes and colours. This building is organized in five floors, and only the first differs from the others in the characterization of the facade, as it is dedicated to the entrance and parking. From there to the top, there is a neat and almost austere design informing each floor, interposing delicate spans with modular panels in pink concrete. Each floor corresponds to a function, starting with the bedrooms, passing through the living-room and ending in the dining area, which opens onto a terrace overlooking the river.

Rua das Praças, 92
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Public Transportation
Bus: 28E, 713, 714, 773, 774


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