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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Santuario do Cristo Rei
© Santuario do Cristo Rei

Sanctuary of Christ the King

  • Original Authors:
  • António Lino ,
  • D. Francisco de Mello e Castro ,
  • Mestre Francisco Franco
  • (1949-1959)

The Sanctuary of Christ the King stands on a hill that overlooks the Pragal housing cluster and it can be seen from almost every point in the Tagus estuary. The 25 de Abril Bridge and Christ the King are the inevitable references in the cityscapes of Lisbon and Almada. This sanctuary was inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer and was built after World War II during the Estado Novo. The construction rests over four concrete pillars joined at the top in an arch, forming a terrace in which stands the large-scale sculpture by Francisco Franco. The interior of the pillars and the space between them include exhibition and contemplation places, a water reservoir that supplies the city of Almada, and a chapel dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Paz. To the south of the complex lays the Rosário Chapel, designed by Luís Cunha, in contrast with the size and austerity of the monument’s volume and naked concrete.

Alto do Pragal
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Bus: 101
Subway: Metro Transportes do Sul, Pragal (comboio)

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