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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura
© FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura
© FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

  • Original Authors:
  • Promontório
  • (2010)

Located in a large city block, this hotel preserves the façades of an old 18th century palace and the building adjacent to it. The architectonic concept for the new building is developed from the atrium, which works as an extension of the street itself, given its considerable length and height. The floors, occupied by rooms, are distributed around this atrium or sheltered patio that centralizes the social and reception areas, and where a breath-taking staircase has its beginning. A route established through the sophisticated play of light and shadow, in which the walls and ceilings are coated and shaded by blades made of solid oak, and the indented skylight grant different volumes to the space. The rooms explore solutions that visually enlarge the space, making it more transparent and, consequently, wider. It is a contemporary project that respects the pre-existences and the scale of its historic urban setting.

Rua de Santa Marta, 48
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