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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Francisco Nogueira
© Eduardo Ribeiro
© Francisco Nogueira

Espaço Espelho D'Água

  • Original Authors:
  • António Lino ,
  • Cottinelli Telmo
  • (1940, 1943)

  • Interventions:
  • DC.AD ,
  • Victor Vicente
  • (2014)

Not available in this edition

Constructed for the Mundo Português Exibition of 1940, this building’s original project was developed for the uses of cafeteria and restaurant, for the duration of the event. Within a privileged location, this famous modernist building is surrounded by a wide reflecting pool that establishes a symbolic connection with the river. The original construction, ephemeral, built with a roof supported by metal trusses and covered in zinc sheets, became a permanent structure. From the countless changes it went through, it was the last one, the most recent, that intended to return to the building the original characteristics of that permanent structure. With the character-destructing elements removed, the metrics of the frames were restored and a large skylight was located at the centre of the space — as memory of the patio that separated the two original volumes — allowing light in. In order to adapt the space to the new programme, its interior is divided into a restaurant, cafeteria and esplanade area, an office area and an art gallery and musical performance area. During the rehabilitation procedure, a unique mural by Sol Lewitt was found, having been fully restored to become the protagonist of the restaurant’s ambiance.

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