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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura
© FG+SG – Fotografia de Arquitectura

Apartment in Santa Catarina

  • Interventions:
  • ASPA ,
  • Rita Laginha ,
  • Rita Branco
  • (2015 reabilitação)

Excessively compartmented and unsuitable in regard to its current dwelling, this building’s interior accumulated, throughout the years, interventions that distorted the origins of its construction. This intervention is established in the delicate dialogue between the rehabilitation and preservation of existing defining elements, and the introduction of new elements, capable of satisfying a new programme and a new era. This resulted in an apartment that takes advantage of its implantation, limited by the adjacent construction, in order to configure the interior spaces and, in the gaps, create spaces of communication with the exterior. The different areas of the apartment are designed longitudinally, allowing for the use of the interior space as a whole, in which white walls hide the service and storage areas. The spaciousness is highlighted through its various connections with the exterior, where, on each floor, new ways of experiencing and contemplating its urban surrounding are determined.

Rua do Sol a Santa Catarina, 34
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