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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Loft in Estrela

  • Original Authors:
  • Manuel Graça Dias ,
  • Egas José Vieira
  • (2008)

Not available in this edition

Part of two lofts that originated in an old printing-shop located on the ground floor of an early 20th century residential building, this traditional construction is anchored on the ground floor by metallic beams and pillars, which grant industrial characteristics to the space, giving it an undeniable strength. Four metres of floor-to-ceiling height results in the choice to introduce mezzanines and, for this, the rear is excavated roughly 1,50 metres, just like the old patio, which is turned into a backyard. The character of the interior space stands out in the contrast of materiality, with an abundance of planes that mirror the apartments in symmetry. With panels of painted plywood, the design creates a battery for resolving the secondary spaces, which accompanies the longitudinal layout of the room throughout the walls of the staircase. At the back, two lit volumes made of glass appear, articulated with each other through a delicate metallic bridge, broadening the possibilities of circulation. From the articulation of these different levels also comes a semi-basement where the rooms are, which communicate with the backyard, where two lemon trees stand out as the protagonists.

Rua de S. Bernardo, 21
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