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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

House on Teófilo Braga

  • Original Authors:
  • ARX
  • (2013)

The character of this house comes from a reflection upon the specificities of Lisbon’s architecture, in a typology that originates in a 6 metres wide by 15 metres deep plot, ending in a small garden in the backyard. A five-storey building with two radically different façades: one, which faces the street, displaying a more public character, made of white limestone, and another, determining the rear of the building, where the architect explores the transparency of glass, an element that extends the interior of the dwelling towards the outside, opening the views over the garden. The connection between the two façades is carried out by an interior wall made of exposed concrete, punctuated by elements of birch wood. It becomes clear the way how the structure can confine the space, itself becoming architecture. The concrete structure, comprising only three planes—two side walls and a transversal slab—is thought and totally exposed in order to define the essential space of the residence. The garden is seen as an archaeological universe, where the various layers of time, since the original construction to this day, can be seen, promoting contemplation and outdoor dwelling as an extension of the inhabited space.

Rua Doutor Teófilo Braga, 36
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