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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Francisco Nogueira
© Francisco Nogueira

Nicola Café

  • Original Authors:
  • Norte Júnior ,
  • Raul Tojal
  • (1929, 1935)

In the 18th century, it was known as Botequin Nicola and it was one of the first cafés that were born with the Pombaline downtown, regularly attended by well-known artists, politicians and writers, like the famous poet Bocage. In, 1834, it closes due to political pressure, re-opening as Café Nicola, in 1929. With a new project, it adopted a holistic approach, from the façade, by architect Norte Júnior, to the silver serviceware, without missing any details. In 1935, it was remodelled according to a project by Raúl Tojal that gave it a modern character, Deco and geometrical, in which only the sculpture of Bocage and the façade were kept intact. The café’s interior atmosphere is characterized by polished steel and chrome, by the sophisticated lighting system and the outstanding pavements and coatings. The modernist furniture contrasts with the paintings by Fernando dos Santos, depicting episodes of Bocage’s life. Known for its salons, attended by notables — such as Cassiano Branco — throughout the 20th century, it remains to this day a reference in the artistic and intellectual history of the city.

Praça Dom Pedro IV, 24-25
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