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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
Marcação Prévia

Casa da Moeda

  • Original Authors:
  • Jorge Segurado
  • (1941)

Not available in this edition

Built during the Estado Novo regime and still in use, it is located on the Parisian-inspired grid plan avenues, taking an entire block without jeopardising its architectural consistency. It is composed of two functionally different bodies: administration and workshops, with internal communication between both. Its construction was decided under the term of office of the Minister Duarte Pacheco, and it opened in 1941. This is a beautiful example of Jorge Segurado’s architecture, where the essays on the modernist lexicon are multiplied down to the last detail. The rhythmic facades with sequences of half-square angled pillars, the cladding in beautiful green tile, as well as the details of the main entrance, stick in the visitor’s mind. In 2012 it was classified as a Monument of Public Interest.


Avenida António José de Almeida, 42
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Public Transportation
Bus: 720, 742, 767, 716, 732, 736, 742, 744, 783
Subway: Saldanha

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