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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa
© Elia Diez Robertson

(Almost) a sample of the world

Urban Walk by Lucinda Correia

Saturday 4pm  Urban Walk

Can we typify the city by observing the possession and uses of space? Since nearly all cities have grown by appropriating the countryside territory, will this explain the meaning of the earth's surface urbanisation? Besides, urbanity appears as opposed to rurality, both understood as expressions of inhabiting, and the city is thus built, at the mercy of slow processes, as an administrative enclave and institutional structure. Order becomes the origin of the space we inhabit. For all these reasons, only the perception of a living city provides us with a real understanding of what we mean by urbanity.

Colina de Santana, a peninsula between Vale de Arroios (Av. Almirante Reis) and Vale Verde (Av. da Liberdade), is truly unique when we consider property division and building typology — convents, palaces, hospitals , schools. A historic district has been consolidated between large walled spaces and what remains of its agrarian origin suggests alternative uses. Will there be more to find out about this part of the city?

60 Minutes


Extra Info
Departure point: The One Palácio da Anunciada
Arrival point: Hospital de São José / former Convent and College of Santo Antão-o-Novo

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