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Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Soundwalks Programme

These are only available in Portuguese, except for Knowing Water from Matilde Meireles and Christabel Stirling which has an English version by the authors.

Museu Arqueológico do Carmo © José Morais Arnaud


Since 2020, Open House Lisboa expanded its programme by offering captivating sound walks narrated by guests from different cultural fields, for you to wander through Lisbon independently. Whether you choose to explore on foot, from the comfort of your own home, or from a distance, you just have to follow your imagination.

Available for free, simply select one to download or listen to via streaming on your mobile or electronic device, and join this immersive and diverse sonic journey. Hand in hand with unique voices, these Open House walks offer a distinctive perspective on how to listen, see, embrace, and live the public spaces of Lisbon.

With varying durations, they are always available on Soundcloud and Spotify as well as on the usual platforms.

Share your experience on instagram @trienaldelisboa using the hashtag #openhouselisboa.

Open House Junior

Architecturally-inspired children’s activities abound in the family strand of the excellent Open House Lisboa Festival. Thus, all the families are invited to involve the small citizens to use their imagination to explore the city using pedagogical exercises (in Portuguese). Free, these are available during the weekend of the festival at the info points along the sound walk itinerary. After the edition, the activities of the Open House Junior programme can be downloaded and done at home.

Our suggestions

  • Start the podcast and pause whenever you want. To enjoy a garden, enter some related space that is open, contemplate the surroundings. Enjoy Lisbon
  • We recommend the use of comfortable shoes, and a hat if the sun is stronger
  • Curiosity, along with a bottle of water, are fundamental
  • To have the city to your ear, take headphones with you
  • You need power to do these walks and so does your phone: check the battery level of the device you’ll take and you can also carry a power bank
  • Be aware of the traffic circulation
  • We remind you that this edition does not require appointments, since it is made of visits made independently, at the time you prefer, alone or accompanied by
  • This weekend is a great occasion to use Gira – Bicicletas de Lisboa to get to the starting points of each route
  • For suggestions and comments, please send us an email: ohl.coord@trienaldelisboa.com
  • Follow our instagram page and share your experience with the hashtag #openhouselisboa2020


Difficulty-Levels of the routes

Each sound walk was categorized by a degree of difficulty. Although each one of them has its own peculiarities and are all distinct, we believe that through this formula we are able to better guide visitors of this edition in the choice of the eight urban trails. To do so, we have taken into account a common citizen who does not play sports regularly, who moves easily around the city, with no difficulties in locomotion.

Easieste – Short, linear routes, through streets with almost reduced slopes. They are guided by audio files with short durations, varying between 700 meters and 3.2 km.
Space, Chair, Path and Writing
The Kaleidoscope Lovers
Broad Stride
Alvalade Neighbourhood

Moderate – Longer routes, which vary between 1.6 and 3.7 km, with slightly steep slopes. It includes some stairs and some ascents and descents that are traversed in a simple way.
Arroios, all Around
Avenidas Novas Renewed
The House of Questions and the Well of Memories

Challenging – Bigger and longer routes that are more demanding because they combine climbs, descents and stairways, passing through winding streets where the sidewalks can be narrow. Because they are categorized as difficult, there is no need to get away from the idea of doing it: each one, at his own pace, at the right time and with the breaks he wants to take, can join them!
Between Vulnerability and Resilience

Accompanied or alone, do not forget that you can stop, contemplate and pause the audio whenever you want. If you want, take the chance to go by bike and use the Gira – Bicicletas de Lisboa, available in different areas of the city.


Coordination and General Production
Carolina Vicente

Production and Coordination Support
Beatriz Caetano Bento

Sound Walks – Creation
Inês Meneses
Leonor Teles
Lígia Soares
Gonçalo Byrne
Gonçalo M. Tavares
Paula Moura Pinheiro
Rui Tavares
Tomás Wallenstein

Sound Walks – Audio Editing
Ana Conceição (sound design)
Pedro Rêgo (sound design)
Marta Queiroz (production)
Sofia Caetano (production)

Audiodescription – Alvalade’s Neighbourhood Tour
Fátima Alves – Locus Acesso (Coordinatiob)
Cláudia Martins – Instituto Politécnico de Bragança/Locus Acesso
Filipa Tomaz (Contents and voz off)

Activities and Volunteer Programme
Filipa Tomaz, Coordination
Joana Martins (Volunteers coordination)
Letícia Carmo (Junior Activities)

Volunteers Coordination
Ana Rita Valente
André Rosa
Eduardo Barreira
Raquel Nunes

Volunteers Support
Beatriz Couto
Diogo Veloso
Inês Soares
Marcelo Ribeiro

Promo Videos Spots
Tiago Bastos Nunes (video editing)
António Sá (sound)
Rafael de Oliveira (photography)
Kidonov (sound track)

Biographies Research
Luis Fernandes
Ester Donninelli

Carolina Cantante


Van Condensed by Ricardo Santos


José Mateus (chairman)
Nuno Sampaio (vice-chairman)
José Manuel dos Santos (member of the board)
Maria Dalila Rodrigues (member of the board)
Pedro Araújo e Sá (member of the board)

Executive Director
Manuel Henriques

Management Assistant
Helena Soares

Isabel Antunes (coordination)
Tiago Pombal

Communication and Press
Sara Battesti (coordination)
Ana Guedes (editor)
Cláudia Duarte (press office)
Beatriz Gama (design)

Educational Service
Filipa Tomaz (coordination)
Letícia Carmo
Joana Martins

Fundraising and Partnerships
Joana Salvado

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